Policy Package

The Future of Protein: Nourishing the World Sustainably

Policy and Information Package

This is the Future of Protein Policy and Information Package. The introduction sets out some conceptual foundations for the following six briefs. Namely, it offers a short backgrounder on what proteins are exactly and why they are required, before laying out the global ‘protein problem’ along six core thematic pillars (feeding the world; nutrition and health; ethics and welfare; culinary change; climate change and biodiversity; and innovation and investment).

The Policy and Information package demonstrates how the world appears to be travelling down three main categories of responses to ‘the protein problem’ – known as the ‘Repair’, ‘Replace’ and ‘Restore’ pathways.


Introducing ‘the Protein Problem’

Feeding the World

Nutrition and Health

Ethics and Welfare

Culinary Change

Climate Change and Biodiversity

Innovation And Investment In The Agri-Food Sector