Innovation and Investment in the Agri-Food Sector

How can innovation and investment in agri-food help tackle environmental problems associated with the production and distribution of protein foods, while helping sustainable production models scale-up?

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Andrea Johnston

 Assistant Deputy Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Seth Itzkan

President, Planet-TECH Associates and Co-Founder and Co-Director of Soil4Climate

Seth Itzkan is a Co-founder and Co-director of Soil4Climate, a US-based nonprofit organization advocating for soil as a climate solution. Seth writes and lectures on this topic extensively and has contributed to and testified on behalf of Healthy Soils legislation in Massachusetts and Vermont. He and his Co-founder, Karl Thidemann, have co-authored popular and technical pieces with “350” founder, Bill McKibben, and with climate scholar Dr. William Moomaw and his colleagues at the Global Development and the Environment Institute (GDAE) at Tufts University. Seth has presented at public events at both the last two IPCC “COP” meetings: Paris (2015) and Bonn (2016), and at the FAO Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon (Rome, 2016). He is a TEDx speaker on restoring grasslands as a climate solution. He is also a Climate Advocacy Advisor with the Savory Institute and has done extensive research on holistic planned grazing in Africa. Earlier in his career, he worked as a long range planner and consulted for US Bureau of the Census, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, The Boston Foundation, and the Merrimack Valley Economic Development Council. He is a graduate of the Tufts University, College of Engineering, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake program in Studies of the Future. His private consultancy is Planet-TECH Associates.

Jarrod Goldin

President and Co-Founder, EntomoFarms

Entomo Farms was established in 2014 by Jarrod, Darren and Ryan Goldin. With a vast amount of experience farming insects, the Goldin brother’s were inspired by a 2013 UN/FAO report titled, “Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security.” Understanding the role healthy and sustainable edible insects can play in our food and feed systems motivated the creation of Entomo Farms. With a passion to make the world a more sustainable place and to offer people choices around healthy and sustainable food, Entomo Farms opened our first 5,000 square foot facility. Entomo Farms has grown to over 60,000 square feet, our powder is being sold at Loblaws under the PC brand and in 2018, Maple Leaf Foods made an investment into Entomo Farms. This presentation will explore the journey of Entomo Farms, the broader Insects as Food business and what the future for the category looks like.

Sarah Martin

Assistant Professor with the Department of Political Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr. Sarah Martin specializes in the global political economy of agrifood and finance, and her research explores questions about the governance of food and agriculture at the local and global scale. Her work as a cook, chef and meat cutter in a variety of settings from institutional cafeterias to high-end restaurants to remote logging camps has led to an interest in how food politics is practiced in the everyday, and the tensions found within the global political economy. Past research has explored food sovereignty movements, the political economy of Food service corporations, and the interaction between finance and agriculture. She is currently researching the politics of the bioeconomy in the context global agrifood politics, and the dynamics of food, feed and fuel in relation to global environmental politics. In addition, she is co-editing a book on sustainable meat consumption with Dr. Ryan Katz-Rosene.